Wrap book text on page

Let’s say I create a page with text for 100 pages and the text should be distributed into tabs, which I myself create using scripts, and switching between tabs is done using the back and forth buttons.

How to automatically wrap the text of a book on a page to the next tab? How to switch without reloading the page?

Answer 1, authority 100%

  1. We load books into the database (tables like {books:[book_id,book_name,book_descr/rating/author/etc]}and {book_pages:[book_id,page_num,text]})
  2. We show the description, from there a link like books.php?book_id=15
  3. When clicking on a page number, load the desired page with Ajax

Note – there are many functions on the internet that break text into words/characters. To upload, you need to catch the file, fill in the information about the book (bookstable), and split the text into ~ 1800 characters by words (this is A4) and push it page by page into the book_pagestable.

PS: It’s unlikely they’ll write you something ready, it’s not 3 lines.

ZZY: I advise you to look for a ready-made implementation, this may well be.