Why isn’t it loading data?

I’m doing this server-side thing:

if($_GET['startpoke'] == '')
 if ($_POST['startpoke'] == '')
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `startpoke` (img,name_poke,life,atk,def,exp,type) SELECT img,name,life,atk,def,exp,type FROM pokemon WHERE id_pok = ".$_GET['startpoke'])

And in the template this thing:

<TD><input name='startpoke' type='radio' value='1' class='checkbox' ><b>001 Bulbasaur</b><br><img src=img/001.jpg width=250 height=190 border=1></TD>
<TD><input name='startpoke' type='radio' value='4' class='checkbox'  ><b>004 Charmander</b> <br><img src=img/004.jpg width=250 height=190 border=1></TD>

Does not throw an error. Please tell me what to do.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Try this sql in phpmyadmin

INSERT INTO `startpoke` (`img`,`name_poke`,`life`,`atk`,`def`,`exp`,`type`)
SELECT `img`, `name`, `life`, `atk`, `def`, `exp`, `type` FROM `pokemon` WHERE `id_pok` = XXX

Instead of XXX – the id of an existing pokemon

End result

    if ( !preg_match('/^\d+$/',$_POST['startpoke']) ) die('error');
    $sql = 'INSERT INTO `startpoke` (`img`,`name_poke`,`life`,`atk`,`def`,`exp`,`type`) SELECT `img`, `name`, `life`, `atk`, `def`, `exp`, `type` FROM `pokemon` WHERE `id_pok` ='.$_POST['startpoke'].';';

Answer 2

INSERT INTO startpoke(img,name_poke,life,atk, def,exp,type) SELECT img, name, life, atk, def, exp, typeFROM pokemonWHERE id_pok=; it immediately knocks out such a thing for me

Answer 3

if($_GET['startpoke'] == '')
 if ($_POST['startpoke'] == '')

Firstly, this is completely incorrect, use empty()at least, and even then, in your logic, the POSTmethod does not even get to the point.
Why do you need back quotes around the table name startpoke?
And interpolate the variable into the string directly, you don’t need a dot, just enter it in the query at the right place.
I’m not sure about two requests at once, but shouldn’t they ;be separated from each other???