What language advise teach first?

Hello, advise what language to teach first? I mean, who are not from the web.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Russian (spelling and punctuation)

Answer 2, authority 29%

Right said AlexWindHope – you should choose the language from the task, but just do not learn the language. I started by studying Fortran, Foca, BASIC and assembler. Some languages I know well, because he taught them by some of his tasks. What it was on the program – almost do not know. Then came the need to create a website learned html, css, javascript (just what I needed) and Java2. Now that the sites have large volumes and stored and treated with base – decided to learn php. Why not Java2. There is one drawback. I stuffed my first site java applets, but not all, mounted a VJ, and my page is displayed not fully … I decided to give up Java and learn php – which is processed by the server.
In general, a lot of programming languages. I have to improve autoCada neohodimo know lisp. So choose the language as needed. Knowing what that one language is good – the rest will be easier to teach. They are similar – different syntax …

Ps. TPaskalya regard, I can not say. Not studied.

Answer 3, authority 14%

Just learn the language flawed exercise, it is best to think of himself the task of learning the language and who would be best suited for this task. On their own – as he taught in childhood C (as taught just to know) interest nebylo, all given very tight and poorly … As a result, he dropped out.
Normally he began to teach programming at a time when there was a problem (the problem was very simple – registration and authorization)
That’s when it will know more or less 1 of programming languages – then can already get acquainted with other languages and may change your preference.

Answer 4

Just can not write the project, find the Internet a series of educational articles on C #, Put VisualStudio and forth, pick up the sample programs, write and write a simple program soon votknesh che what)
By language:
1) Pascal already old enough, even in my time it was no longer relevant
2) Java well. Even Java is not too different from the C # except that VisualStudio documentation better kudab you did it not written anywhere that it is and for what.

Answer 5

If you want to program in the WINDOWS do not make mistakes like everyone else, including me, teach it C++, learn the program’s console as you will understand immediately transition into C++ Win32 Practice to create applications with windows, etc. Understand how to construct windose and then you will be given to any language with ease! Since the first no BASIC pascals and other rubbish. And if you want to then become a real pro at once after you will understand the core Windows Switch to Assembler under Windows. And it is good to study it. Download Visual C++ and you will have a paradise

I started with Pascal and Delphi! Because no one does not have the right path programming. Now I understand that I have lost a whole year!