Website on the creation of browser games

I want to create a simple online game on PHP + MySQL HTML CSS in text form, something like this or this . Who knows the site, what is dedicated to this topic, throw, please link.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Maskmum What you can find on the Internet is:
1 – lessons and articles How to use this or that technology (Introduction – Continuation – Master Class)
2 – Very generalized and not meaningful articles about GameDev as a whole.

To write a game – you need to think from beginning to end .. ready and there are no more chewed solutions !!

Answer 2

Since today the technology does not stand still, I offer you to try to make your online game, according to HTML5 technology, namely canvas + js. There are already such games, and how to create them can be searched in Google. For example, I found a person in a blog: HTML5Development . Also in Habrahabr You can search, there are many interesting articles on this topic.

Answer 3

It seems that this site specializes in this topic, there is a foreign analogue of

And there is still roller interesting for use RaphaelJS + box2d.