VKontakte API. iframe application

I want to make the simplest application using the VKontakte API.
javascript is bad for me, as I specialize in python and C++.
I read the documentation – some I understood, some I didn’t. From what I don’t understand,

  1. how to make a request?
  2. how to view query results?
  3. and how to make the simplest: the user came in and saw the inscription
    ” Hello %user_name% ! ”
    %user_name% – his name

Answer 1, authority 100%

Everything is simple there, you connect their js library, then the following code, there is both a request and a request output, and just gets the first and last name, this is an example in JS:

    $api_secret0 = 'wFSTTMPh0'; //   
    $idVkUser = $_GET['viewer_id']; // ID 
var vk_id = <?=$idVkUser?>;
    var api = new vk_api('<?=$api_secret0?>','<?=$idVkUser?>', function() { 
                 function() {
         function() { 
    api.call('getProfiles', { uids: vk_id, fields: ['first_name', 'last_name', 'nickname'], test_mode:"1"  }, function(data) {
    var nameSaveA = data.response[0].last_name+" "+data.response[0].first_name;

Answer 2, authority 25%

Alas, you can’t do without knowledge of JS! And in general, I would say that developing an application for VK is a very laborious task. Personally, I ended up with a list of friends who installed the application. The main problem is that the server responds to requests with delays, sometimes several seconds. So, if you develop, do not overdo it with server requests!

Answer 3, authority 25%

You can do without JS for the first time.
https://api.vk.com /method/users.get?user_ids=123123&v=5.8&fields=last_seen
Of course, I think you can figure out how to parse the answer from this link, in php I use curl.