Transferring a form from another site to your own look, here is the discount site. there is such a panel where email is entered and the city is selected. My goal is to transfer the user to this discount site from another site using a ref link. But the problem is that many people see this terrible page and do not register. So that’s what I would like: Transfer such a panel with data to my site and then, when the user clicks on the ref link, the columns on this discount site are filled in automatically and he goes straight to promotions. is it really possible to do this? =)

Answer 1, authority 100%

If you are interested in the principle, you need to look at what files this green disgrace communicates with and send the corresponding http_request() requests directly from PHP to the same place. Then say that the user has received a link to an e-mail, by which he himself will go for discounts.