The site is displayed incorrectly after changing the encoding

I am developing my own cms system, everything is almost ready, but there is one “but”. The fact is that the system was originally written in cp1251 encoding, and then translated into utf-8 (not only changed the meta tag, but also the file encoding).

On hosting, the system works, however, the output encoding is cp1251 and we see bugs there (the web server is configured this way). On hosting, an empty white page returns in general (unfortunately I can’t show it). Here is linkhow it works on a home computer.

If there is time and opportunity to look at the system, poke your nose into an error or help with the encoding, then please… Here is linkto the archive with the system, to install, you must first unpack the archive, and then set the permissions (0777) for the install_master.php file and open the install_wizard.html file and follow the installer’s instructions. And a couple more plugins for it:

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Answer 1, authority 100%

  1. apache configured for win-1251 (add AddDefaultCharset utf-8 in .htaccess)
  2. DB encoded in win-1251
  3. The encoding was not changed in one file.

That’s it.

Answer 2, authority 25%

In addition to the meta tag and file encoding, it is often necessary to specially send the header with the encoding


For example, on a masterhost without this line, 1251 is automatically sent.
You also need to check the database encoding and, if necessary, make a SET NAMES request.