The built-in constants _FILE_ and _LINE_ don’t work in PHP


I recently bought a book on PHP – it says: “There are several predefined constants _FILE_, _LINE_, PHP_VERSION…” and so further, but everything works for me except _FILE_and _LINE_(on my computer Denwer3_Base_2010-11-07_a2.2.4_p5.3.1_m5.1.40_pma3.2.3.exe). Maybe my PHP is missing some libraries? Or these constants under WINDOWS do not work? Help. 🙂

Answer 1, authority 100%

Read here

Hint – 2 underscores on both sides =)

Answer 2

At the moment, the current version is PHP5, and linkto the library from the developers themselves directly to the Russian base. And best of all, install xampp (in a bunch of apache2 + mysql + php + something else) and don’t worry.