Test your own CMS

Good day to you Friends! I continue to write my CMS system, most of it is already ready. Now I want to ask you to visit system main pageand open 3-4 times each page of the site, remember the time of generation of each and unsubscribe here about the results. I would also be very grateful if you register and participate in the survey.

Thank you!

Answer 1, authority 100%

  1. http://t.pwon.pp.ua/laSearch/take_test/ (0.027)
  2. http://t.pwon.pp.ua/laSearch/take_test/?module=users&page=login (0.008)
  3. http://t.pwon.pp.ua/laSearch/take_test/?page=help (0.024)
  4. http://t.pwon.pp.ua/laSearch/take_test/?page=home&module=show_page&id=1 (0.01)

Answer 2, authority 100%

I didn’t get to the main page at all.

Answer 3, authority 100%

Email too short || Password (Repeat) Is this by design?

I agree with AlexWindHope!
Generation time is similar with DemoS– with an error of +- 0.005

What is this for?


Why can’t we make a default module that will be called exclusively by index.php

Also, the two links look like this:

  • ?module=users&page=login
  • ?page=home&module=show_page

Why not do that?

  • ?module=users&page=login
  • ?module=show_page&page=home

In other matters, everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads)

Z.Y. CMS test finished)

Answer 4, authority 100%

Page generation time: from 0.008 to 0.016.
And please post the source somewhere. I really want to see them))