Switch by clicking on the button

What script is needed in order for pressing the button in the PHP program, turned to the link?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Maybe HTML?

<a href='http://***'><button>  </button></a>
      <a href='http://***'><button><img src="images/umbrella.gif" alt="" 
              style="vertical-align: middle">   </button></a>

Answer 2

If there is no need for data transfer, then tie events better through JS. It will be faster. Otherwise, the option of processing the request sent when you press the button, and as above, you answered header, but then you will get a double page update.

Answer 3

I suppose that TS’U needed on August 23, 2011 this)

echo '<a href="http://site.com">site.com</a>';

Answer 4

rasmisha , maybe you mean Target?

& lt; a href = “logs.txt” target = “_ blank” & gt; & lt; button & gt; logs & lt; / button & gt; & lt; / a & gt;