Storing page content in the database

As far as I know, CMSs store page content in a database. This method has a lot of advantages.

But here’s a question. There is a page on which at first there is “static” information (for example, the address, phone number of the company, etc.), then there should be a list of employees, and at the end some more information. The list of employees is in another table.

How to store a page in one database table so that the list of employees is loaded from another table?

Sorry if I didn’t make it very clear.

Answer 1

>>This method has a lot of advantages.

For example?

As mentioned above – use a template engine.

Answer 2

join won’t work here… a couple of requests, one for content, another for members, and then a template engine

Answer 3

Divided the content into two categories – articles (static) and components (dynamic). Accordingly, I am the first to display xxthtp echo? the second through include.