Skype API for php

Has anyone come across the Skype API? Is it possible to implement calls from the site using JavaScript and php?

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no..not really..100% dealt with this issue..
in order to organize everything, you need to be a kulibin) and I think that in this way no one has yet implemented calls from the site ..because there really is a vinaigrette here)

I had a task to make calls from a website to a mobile phone as cheaply as possible..
if you want to call from the site to Skype..there is a free service
they have their own tariffs for calls to mobiles.. they are not small.. and skype calls are free..

I’ll tell you right call mobile phones, you will need a flashed HUAWEY e156g to flash it so that it learns to call by voice can be found on the Internet..everything is simple..

but in order to make calls from the site to mobile for FREE.. you need the of the organization’s computers must work constantly..
dragging the SIP GSM GATEWAY application
we create two accounts with any sip operator ..for which calls between subscribers within the operator itself are free ..
one account is scored in zingayu in SIP
we hammer the second account into the number where the application will call ..
the second account (whose number we scored in the Zingaya application where it will call) we hammer into the SIP GSM GATEWAY program / / connect the flashed huawey e156g modem (with the SIM card from which the call will be made) and voila .. the client enters the site and calls directly to the manager of this companies..

as a bonus
one more thing .. the SIP GSM gateway program does not work very stably (you need a license for stability)) which costs 1300 rubles) .. sometimes the SIP connection falls off .. that means .. we make another extra feature .. we add forwarding to Skype and SIP to the zinga at the same time .. then if the SIP GSM gateway is working normally, then the call goes to the mobile .. if the call falls off, it goes to the always-on skype on the server to which pamela is attached (answering machine) ..
thus, no client will remain unanswered.. and an implementation example is here the top free call button from the site..

Answer 2

Enlighten yourself: SJ200500101en_WorkingWithTheSkypeAPI.pdf