Schedulet doesn’t run php script

I don’t understand when I run the script through the browser, everything works! And when through Schedulet (win) as through cmd! That he does not process! here is the script itself:




           [email protected]("".$scandir."".$der."/");
if ($kick == "B")
                            exec('D:\www\iias_error\arj\arj.exe e '.$scandir.''.$der.'/'.$dir[$a].'');
                                [email protected]("".$searchdir."");                for($r=3,$g=1;$r<=count($dur);$r++,$g++){


                                                                                            if($name != NULL && $body != NULL){
                                 $file = "D:/WWW/iias_error/error/err".$up_date.".txt";
                                 $current = "\n ".$name." * ".$body."";
                                                                     file_put_contents($file, $current,FILE_APPEND);

Answer 1, authority 100%

Off-topic, etc. but try nncron. Cron for Windows. Personally, I once put my bots there and for two years I no longer remember about them.

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