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I’m not sure if the question is appropriate.
I was going to write a CMS in php in conjunction with mysql. Mainly for detailed study of php)
Googled it, didn’t give much results. Own subject

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Answer 2

First you need to learn PHP and not just learn, but also have experience with cms, i.. introduction of some kind of change in them, etc. There are a lot of books on php, but you will need to practice on some project of your own, not big, some kind of blog or, better, some kind of project for which you could always attach something, for example CAP, there you download cms any sar (books) without plug-ins, and you start to write yourself what your competitors have, but you don’t, asking if you don’t know something from professionals here or on another forum. Then start working on projects for money. You go to any remote work exchange, for example, freelance and look, if you can, then write for how much you can do. The main thing, at first, is to do it very cheaply in order to gain experience, otherwise there is a lot of competition. But after freelancing for 1.5 years, you can already create your own cms, by the way, sar can be developed in parallel with freelancing. Therefore, approximately, in order to be able to create your cms professionally at the joomla level, you need 2-3 years.