Reading data from XLS to PHP

How to read data from a cell in an XLS document with output via a PHP variable?

After searching the Internet, I came to the conclusion that there is no way without php_dbase.dll. Further impenetrable wall. I don’t know how to use this library. I would like to read the value from the excel.xls file located directly in the site directory from the first page, from the first row, from the first column (cell A1), i.e. do not show on the page, but simply equate to a variable.

How can I “bang” a certain row/column?

Prompt with commands.

Answer 1, authority 100%

There is such a thing as PHPExcel.

And here is how you can using PHPExcel to read Excel files using PHPExcel .

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Note PHPExceland PHP- ExcelReader.

Answer 3

I had a slightly similar theme, I don’t know if it helps no…

Set the values ​​of a specific DBF or XLS string to variables in PHP code.