Question on mod_rewrite

In general, I made CNC, but now CSS styles are displayed on the new ul, tell me what to do?

Original ul: phpblog.loc / viewcat.php? Cat = 1 – CSS styles work.
CNC: phpblog.loc / category / 1 / – CSS styles are not displayed.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

It would be good if you showed the part here .htaccess (or httpd.conf), where you are described by the CNC rules. If the cant is really in your MOD_REWRITE configuration.

Another possible option (assuming that mod_rewrite is configured correctly) & NBSP; – CSS reference curvatures. Suppose you, you have a link to the style file framed as filename.css, without specifying the path, then when requesting a style file for a page / Category / 1 / browser climbing /category/1/filename.css and T. & NBSP; n. In this case, use absolute paths in links (for example, /FileName.css).