prettyPhoto and video from VKontakte

Hello, I have the following problem: I decided to install a prettyPhoto plugin on the site that opens the video in a modal window, but it didn’t work, firstly, the VKontakte video code is stored in the database in its initial form: <iframe src="</iframe>and in order for the prettyPhoto script to work, you just need to have an address ( ?….) and also that this address should contain the entry “&iframe=true”.
That is, if you put the video handles, then you need to do the above operations. Well, when there is a conclusion from the database, this cannot be done. Can you advise how to get around this, or are there working scripts for the VKontakte video, or is it possible to somehow modify the prettyPhoto script?

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How what?! What about substr? What about regular expressions?

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Well, when is the output from the database
do not do this.

I think that’s when it should be done..