php_pdo not connecting

Denver stands (php 5.3.3). I’m trying to include sqlite.


are present in the extensions folder.

Go to php.ini, uncomment lines


But here there is no limit to my surprise – first an error pops up

“The php_set_error_handling procedure entry point was not found in the DDL php5ts.dll”

Then again I go to php.ini and the line


is commented out.

How to deal with it? Thank you in advance.

Answer 1

The problem was solved by reinstalling php. Although it is still not clear why the config was overwritten…

Answer 2

You need to add the path to php in %PATH%, in php.ini in the extension_dir = parameter specify the full path, and uncomment the library at three in the morning. It is also possible that your file is auto-generated, most likely the settings in Denver need to be changed elsewhere.