PHP Syntax Checker

Maybe someone knows a program where there is a syntax check (not highlighting, but a check). Something like Zend Studio (it doesn’t work for me). There is a PHPEditor, but when checking it, it gives an error that it cannot find php.exe. He shoveled all the settings, indicated everything, but he resets them and – to none.

Answer 1, authority 100%

The best editor I’ve ever come across for PHP on Windows, requiring little to no configuration (other than syntax highlighting to taste, etc.) – NuSphere PhpED. However, it is paid, but I think this is not a problem for a Russian person;)

Answer 2, authority 50%

Dreamweaver cs4 – that’s it, and hints and a quick set of variables and superglobal arrays, everything is there.

Answer 3, authority 50%

Take a look at PHPEclipse: how does PHPEclipse compare to other PHP editors?

Syntax Coloring – Yes
Brackets Matching – Yes
Code folding – Yes
Code Completion – Yes
Parameter hints – Yes
Mark Occurrences – Yes
Hover Tooltips – Yes
PHP Manual integration – Yes
Code templates – Yes

Answer 4, authority 50%

phpDesigner is my choice. In my opinion, the best tool.