PHP solution for website photo gallery

I don’t know how to write a photo gallery for a website in PHP. You need to be able to add new images from the admin panel. On the page, they should appear as thumbnails and increase when clicked. Tell me, ready-made solutions.

Thanks in advance, thank you!

Answer 1, authority 100%

Photo Gallery.

And I understand everything, but this forum was created in my opinion for private questions, therefore such questions as this one or “need a site to have an admin panel, more news, games, etc., etc.” should be deleted by the administration without any explanation.

Thank you for your attention.

Answer 2

Use “fancybox“. In general, I agree with “Alex Silaev” – the question is inappropriate for this resource.

Answer 3

First of all, I would like to advise you to add a javascript tag in this question, so you will quickly find the answer to your question, since it is advisable to use this particular programming language for this effect.
Using the javascript function:

function openWin90{

you can open a new window in the browser, where any document will open, for example, an enlarged picture.
But I do not think that this is the best way to achieve a good result, and in javascript I am not selenium, but still, it’s better than nothing.

Answer 4

You can use any free online store engine, add only photos in positions. The same thumbnails – displaying the directory, and a larger view – when clicked – will help one and a half lines of jQuery (this).

In general, I agree with Alex Silaev about php and file bases)

Answer 5

I would advise the author of ColorBox. Of all that I have ever seen, the most successful, beautiful and cross-browser option. Easily customizable. I use it on my site. You can see an example: