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Hello. Advise video lessons on PHP, otherwise I have rummaged many sites, never found almost. I found only a 1st normal author, but it still has in the process, that is, only 20 lessons are pressed, but now a dead end. (

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I repeat as the network already has answers to this question. Very good book koters + source (I had to search found for free). This is a book of peeling to develop PHP skills very well highlighted the theme of string functions. The book is very interesting. Of course, this is not a video course where everything is completely worn. Will come to run IDE and practiced for a cup of coffee;)

Answer 2

I also believe that video lessons will help. But sites with ready-made examples are completely. Here one of them.
If anything, I can reset a few links.

Answer 3

Throw! What are you? Studying the programming language on video lessons this as a sickle over the eggs. here has a resource, there you will find everything you need with ready-made, chewed examples.

Answer 4

That’s what I watched: PHP + MySQL lessons. “All technical moments online business in video format 2”. Share what you found.

Answer 5

If you want to learn to program, then you are not for you video courses Guru Popova. Books The most: Literature

Answer 6 Lessons Evgeny Khaina