PHP functions do not support Russian

I’m using PHP Version 5.2.17 Apache 2.2.21. I installed it according to the instructions. Without MySQL.

The problem is that the json_decodefunction did not work if and only if there were Russian characters in the JSON string.

I tried to get out, after replacing them with characters of the form \u****it started working, but when I tried to automate, I noticed that the chr function for Russians also did not work (maybe there is a direct function, how to overtake string(characters) to unicode codes?).

What to do? Normal Russian output works…only with the processing problem.

Answer 1, authority 100%

JSON is a format that only supports UTF-8. I recommend converting everything to utf-8, including the encoding of the scripts themselves. Problems will immediately become less. The main thing is not to forget that you need to work with strings in utf with functions with the mb_