php and excel – web page generation

What are the capabilities of existing parsers and libraries for working with excel? Is it possible to generate similar lightweight html from pages of price lists in Excel, with pictures and intricate text formatting, and what tools are better to use for this?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Light – hardly. Real parsers easily extract data from XLS, XLSX (without a password), with a stretch – formatting. But there can be no talk of generating pages, and even easy ones.
All work approximately equally slowly, I can’t advise something outstanding. Paid did not look.
It is better to tear out the content from the price lists, and then re-compose it into a predefined template. It will be faster and better.

Answer 2, authority 50%

not necessary, there is a wonderful OpenSource GPL library PHPExcel , parses, generates, any formats related to Excel, namely Gnumeric, Office2003 2007 Excel, OpenCalk and others like that

Answer 3

save excel document as csv

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