Own domain registration service

The task is to create your own domain registration service. The question is: are there web resources that provide an API for registering domains? Or any resources at all. In general, in which direction to dig?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Many registrars provide an API for automatic registration. For example, netfox: APIs for domain registration. You can search by the words: domain registration api.

Answer 2, authority 100%

reg.ru Provides such an opportunity. There is even software 🙂 http://software.reg.ru/

Answer 3, authority 50%

Look here for example http://www.naunet.ru/r/partners/collaborate/reseller/ .

And here are their prices: http://www.naunet.ru/tools/origin /domain-partners/ru/

Answer 4, authority 50%

I have my own RegService.NET panel, if you want to buy it, I will tell you in detail where everything is managed and how, and I will also walk you along the red carpet to the domain business)
The service itself takes the API on reg.ru, very convenient!