Need for knowledge

Dear HashCode users. Recently, I began to actively study php and faced the problem of a lack of quality material for learning. The fact is that beginners like me need accessible, understandable material. But due to one’s ignorance, it is very difficult to find high-quality manuals and books that would lead the learning process in the right direction. In particular, I am interested in web programming. Therefore, I appeal to all project participants for advice: tell me, who started with what, what way of learning do you consider the most objective? The fact is that there is a lot of literature on the Internet, a lot of good things, which I myself use when teaching, but I want to hear, so to speak, firsthand. I’m interested in what the practice will suggest. Thanks in advance for your answers.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Anton said everything correctly. I learned PHP like this:

  1. Installed by Denwer

  2. Wrote a program like Hello World

  3. Further I set small
    puzzles and looking for solutions. For example
    number addition, text output, output
    arrays, implementation of conditions.
  4. Then writing regular
    expressions. It was interesting to automatically download information (aphorisms) from the site and save it on the local computer. By the way, at this stage, a significant benefit was brought by the fact that he began to “poking around” in other people’s, simple scripts.
  5. Then installed CMS WordPress –
    there was a need to carry out
    automatic actions – therefore
    I had to study the API and refine it,
    it turned out to be easy.
  6. Well, then we started working with Drupal, Bitrix, UMI.cms, etc.

Answer 2, authority 50%

Personally, I took all the information on these sites

Well, practice and more practice. I remember I took one single book “PHP5 for professionals”, I didn’t find anything new in it.

Answer 3, authority 50%

I started with the installation of Apache, not everything worked right away, there were few Russian documentations at that time, I read, first of all I studied the “Language Reference” item, but “played” with variables, performed simple math operations, played around with loops and conditionals, the most important thing is to understand how the function works and use it for the right purposes.

Answer 4

I don’t think you’ll find it. I propose another training option: Find worthy examples or set a task for yourself or ask a hashcode to give a task, and then search the Internet for manuals and solutions for the task. This will be much more effective than just reading.

Answer 5

video courses “specialist”, several levels. There are labs and they explain normally. All in all, the best there is. I am not a supporter of video courses, but they really speak the matter.