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Hello, I’m having trouble understanding MVCwith a single entry point. Who studied exactly MVC with one entry point, help, show inputs, outputs, manuals, video tutorials, articles. Those are the options that you learned. Please do not suggest other frameworks.

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Highly simplified version – here. If necessary, you can rewrite under the database and screw the CNC. This is just an example of how to make one entry point.

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MVC and one entry point are, kagba, slightly different things. (which can simply be combined, which, in fact, is often done but not at all necessary for MVC)

About a single entry point – download any adequate PHP framework (CodeIgniter, Zend, Kohana, etc. – your choice), pick the sources and figure out what’s what for yourself, if it didn’t help (it didn’t work out or you don’t want to, and try) – google “Front controller” (this is a single entry point) and MVC is a separate issue.

In general, I advise you to read the book “Objects, Patterns and Programming Methods” (the book, to put it mildly, is not perfect, but it’s the best I’ve ever found on this topic)

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Personally, I first studied on well-known frameworks, then on books and on my simple examples, and then, IMHO, the best training is to write your own “framework” (read bike)

But this is the best thing you can think of in terms of learning… But then you will not only be able to use the framework stupidly, but you will also understand “how this miracle works”, which is important for a good developer…

PS: there is a lot of information on the Internet on this issue

PPS: after reading some version of the perception and understanding of what mvc is – do not rush to believe it. And in general – it is important to understand that MVC (what it should be) is an unattainable ideal (either impractical and (or) detrimentally achievable). Here, first of all, it is important to understand the idea.

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Single entry point concept