MAC address in PHP for identifying unique users


Is it possible in php to determine the mac address of a user who has visited my site? If so, please send the code.

This is all done to keep track of unique users… if you use ip, it will not work, because it is not constant… is it possible to determine unique visitors in another way?

Thanks in advance!

Answer 1, authority 100%

Methods of identification on the Internet– here is a good text on this topic.

Answer 2, authority 50%

This js-library will help to remember the computer (and not the browser): evercookie

and here is the article in Russian: Indestructible cookies

Answer 3, authority 30%

This is impossible using PHP tools, since the poppy poppy address does not go further than the router

Answer 4, authority 10%

No, it’s not possible. Unless you ask the user to enter it at the entrance 🙂

UPDoh yes, you can also throw in a Trojan: put some Java applet that slows everything down on the page, which on the client side will determine its mac-address and transfer it to you.

Answer 5, authority 10%

ping [remote IP]
arp -a

For Linux, you will find accordingly and how to run it using php too.
But most likely it will be the MAC address of the provider’s equipment.