LUA for PHP developer

Does it make sense for a PHP developer to learn Lua – an interpreted programming language.

if there is, then what is it better to use it for?

Can it be an alternative, like Python?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Somewhere information flashed that Lua has been gaining momentum as a web programming language lately. Regarding the alternative to python: I am tormented by the suspicion that python currently has a more developed base of different libraries and modules.

Answer 2

Lua is a great embeddable language. best used in conjunction with C++. But if you take it separately, then I will still give preference to Python pearl, etc.

Answer 3

lua is a very lightweight embeddable language currently used in social game development by There are prospects in a broader sense and they also write stored procedures in nosql stores: redis, tokyotyrant, tarantool – which are actively used in the WEB.
I recommend to pay attention to it