Language textbooks

Greetings, fellow IT people.
Could you please put in the form subject / author / title of the book-textbooks on SQL, php, perl, javascript, well, on assembler.
The reason I don’t go google textbooks is because google doesn’t separate them into worthless ones.
I’m not starting from scratch, I’m just interested in reading the recommended tutorials if I haven’t read them already.
Thanks in advance.

And another question:
What software would you recommend to use when mastering these books?

Answer 1, authority 100%


SQL queries for mere mortals (Michael J. Hernandez, John L. Viescas) and
SQL recipe book (Anthony Molinaro)

I also read “Learning SQL” (Alan Bewley), but this book seemed to me quite for beginners.


If you are already familiar with PHP, you can selectively look in
“Professional PHP Programming” (George Schlossnagle)
and of course it is worth reading about OOP in PHP
PHP. Objects, patterns and programming techniques. (Zandstra Matt), now there is a 3rd printed edition, but not too different from the 2nd one, which can be found on the web.

Answer 2, authority 50%

1) Learning Perl (5th edition in Russian. True, there is already a 6th edition, so far only in English).
2) Learn Perl Deeper
3) Modern Perl (new book, English only, e-book – free)
4) Perl Programming

The first two are for beginners. The third is better to read later. The fourth is a detailed guide from the creator of the language, very important points are highlighted there, a little outdated, but the next edition is already ready, it will go on sale in the fall.

Answer 3, authority 50%


I like this selection of books, though all in English:

  1. Harvey M.Deitel / How to Program in Perl
  2. Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix / Learning Perl 6th Edition
  3. Chromantic/Modern Perl
  4. Brian d foy / Mastering Perl
  5. Damian Conway / Perl Best Practices

Also see Oreilly’s very good edition:

Answer 4, authority 50%

Interactive SQL Tutorial.
No additional software is needed. You can write queries to the DBMS (SELECT) directly in the textbook.

Answer 5, authority 25%

on PHP after the tutorials you will often have to look here
also, read programming patterns… I won’t give examples of books because all the necessary information can be found on the net

write to whomever is convenient, I personally work on Zend Studio 8

Answer 6, authority 25%

Personally, I have great respect for this bookon Perl. I do not want to impose my opinion, but Beginning Perl (Wrox), in my opinion, is a must-read.

Answer 7

Literature on which I once studied:

1) Java Script Tutorial – Vadim Dunaev (2 editions)
2) Java Script: A Visual Course in Creating Dynamic Web Pages – Kelly L. Murdoch
3) Java Script: The User’s Bible (5th edition) – Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison
5) Java – Patrick Noughton

1) Tutorial.PHP – D.Koterov
2) PHP 5 “For Dummies” – Janet Valade
3) PHP/MySQL for Beginners – Andy Harris
4) PHP 5 in the original – Dmitry Koterov, Alexey Kostarev
5) PHP lessons – Evgeny Popov (website

A little of everything:
Creative Web Design – Chris Jamsa, Kondrat King, Andy Anderson
Tutorial creation of WEB-pages and sites – Pechnikov VN

In general, the best tutorial is Google =)