Kohana or CodeIgniter

Which is better Kohana or CodeIgniter? I started working on CodeIgniter, I liked everything, but I saw some posts against CodeIgniter, please advise what to start learning? And why, if possible.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Check out the related features comparison.

In general, for example, I like Symfony.

the most

And, of course, it’s worth spending time on writing code, rather than holily discussing the possibilities of frameworks. All modern phpframeworks will somehow suit your tasks, take one with nice documentation and go.

Answer 2

1) Simple projects don’t need to use OOP, which is a key feature of Kohana.

2) Kohana is a community project, and CodeIgniter is a project of the company that developed CMS ExpressionEngine 2.0 on it (in the US, many stores run on it), i.. approach to CI is more serious than amateur (although people from the Kohana community will write that I’m wrong).

3) CodeIgniter – now it has begun to develop very quickly, already the 3.0 release version is just around the corner!
Check out: GitHuband GetSparks!

Answer 3

Depending on the goals of learning the framework… if you want to become a serious and professional programmer, then it’s better to start taking PSRcoding standards and modern tricks such as “service container”, as well as using modern libraries such as Twig and Doctrine… in general the only obvious choice in this case is Symfony2.