Instant FTP Upload

Good afternoon. Please tell me how you can set up your computer like this: There is an FTP folder on the server (Website with PHP) and I would like it to be mirrored to a local folder. And when changing any file, on a local or server machine, the file was automatically loaded or unloaded. Ie corrected in the local file, pressed ctrl + s and the file is already on the server – you can press F5. Maybe there are standard schemes for such a solution? Thank you very much 🙂

Answer 1

If you fundamentally need a separate program for synchronization, then as an option – WebSynchronizer

Answer 2

In any IDE (NetBeans for example) you create a project from a remote server, in the settings, as a rule, it is automatically uploaded to the server when saving. And why do you need to download the file when you change it on the server, I can not understand. Are you going to upload the logs? And isn’t it easier to upload a ready-made working solution to the server?

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