Include in Smarty

Good afternoon.
With Smart did not have to work and there are a few questions.
In PHP there is a wonderful Include function, which I usually use to load certain content in a specific location on the page.

How to implement the same on Smart?
Suppose there is a basic page:
index.php and template to it index.tpl

    <div id="parent">
        <div id="header">header
        <div id="menu">menu
        <div id="content">
        {*  *}
        <div id="footer">footer

And let it say a file that reflects the news:
news.php and his template news.tpl

How can I pour this file to my page in the form of content?
Let the condition of the variable taken in Get.
index.php? Cat = news – something like that. )
Formerly apologize for primitiveness, I just did not do this very long time. )

Answer 1, Authority 100%


I advise you to reread the whole dock.

Answer 2

    //  php  

And did it?

Answer 3

Thank you all for the tips. All used tag {include_php}
Just needed to include PHP tags. 🙂

$smarty=new Smarty();
echo "Ok";
$smarty->allow_php_tag=true; // -  . :)