Image gallery

There is this gallery: code, demo.

I’m asking one thing, is it possible for a gallery to display, for example, 20 pictures each, and all the remaining images are transferred to another page. That is, all the pictures were divided into 20 pieces and on the pages on which they will be displayed.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Everything is possible 🙂 but the above script will have to be completed for this.

We need a pager, we need styles for it, we need to process it in a script. Now the script is quite primitive, it displays all the pictures from the catalog four in a row (just like the saying goes).

It doesn’t make much sense to discuss what needs to be redone – it’s something, and there are thousands of galleries using jQuery. For example, here is a nice gallery with leaflet.

Answer 2

Yes, this is the classic Lightbox, hackneyed to holes. It does not display any images in a row, you can change the html structure of the previews as you like (at least 10 pieces in two rows), only the main thing is to display a link that contains the address to a large image in href, and insert a preview image into the link itself. The script starts working only after clicking on the image.