How to specify a local server?

Sorry for that question! It’s just my first site! So, I created a server according to this instructionand registration! Now to check, you need to specify a local server! Where?

Answer 1, authority 100%

You can download Denverand run everything on it. This is easier than configuring the server to start. To do this, you must specify a local folder inside home as a working or test folder. Let’s say create: C:\WebServers\home\\www. The question is rather on BitCode.

In general – standard =)

  1. In the servers tab, click on add a server.
  2. Connect using (connection, that is) – Local/Network.
  3. Server Folder – real path to the site root.
  4. Web URL – the path in the browser line. If the local site is called – so we write. The default is just localhost.
  5. In Advanced, you can set the PHP-Mysql model server.
  6. Don’t forget to tick “Testing” in the list of servers.

Answer 2

This install, this is over. To check – eyeball

Answer 3

D:/server/apache/htdocs in yours will be.