How to run php pages using Denver?

In Denver’s “home” directory, create a directory with the name you chose for the local virtual host, eg. “”.

In the created directory, create another one, named “www”. The www directory will be the root directory of your virtual host. Reboot Denver, when booting it will automatically create a virtual host. After that, the “” domain will become available locally. By entering this name as a URL in a browser, you will see the home page of your local site.

Small addition.
Apache’s default setting in Denver is that the index.php file in any directory is automatically executed when that directory is requested, without specifying a specific file. For example, for the URL “” the file “homevasyapupkin.netwwwindex.php” will be executed by default. Or the index.html file from the same directory may be displayed if there is no php file.

Answer 1

Create a php page, put it in the directory with denwer’s sites, go to the appropriate address with your browser. You can focus on those examples that are already in the denwer’a.