how to make marks in the photo?

On the site you need to sell a mark on the photo. By type as in Vkontakte. It is desirable, but it is not necessary that the allocation of the object is not in a rectangle, but in the landfill. Is there ready implementations? It does not matter what technology to use PHP, Flash and others, but the exotic is not necessary 🙂

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with polygons more difficult, but the rectangle is elementary:
jQuery UI → & nbsp; draggable + jQuery UI → Resizable .

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For a client part, you can try ImgareAaselect for jQuery.


Solution Found. If anyone is useful, then there is a good editor: Imapbuilder Interactive Flash Map Builder .


Try jquery.photolabel()is a plugin that allows you to celebrate people and display marks in the photo, Just how it was done by VKontakte.