How to make a bot?

I want to make a bot. For the game Silkroad. I know partially C++, C#. Where should I start?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Partial knowledge is not enough for such a task. You need to understand a lot about client-server technologies, deal specifically with the game of your choice, analyze traffic and overcome a LOT of problems that arose along the way. By the time you figure it all out, surely someone with experience in such matters will already write a bot for you, if, of course, it is not yet available on any “bugs” and other similar sites.

Answer 2

Search the Internet for information on how they are made. Learn the language you need for this. If this information is not available on the Internet, then it will be easier to write your own game than to understand how someone else’s game works without source codes.

In general, the goal is strange. Well, you write a bot, for example, in a year. Play a little and get bored. Better write something more useful.

Answer 3

I propose to look at the program keystroke, here’s the bot for you and ready