How to implement work with mp3 on the server

The question is – there are sites like promodj and soundcloud and I would like something like that. That is, so that you can upload a file using AJAX (progressbar is visible) and then display the track more clearly on the main page. Perfect like in soundcloud

Answer 1, authority 100%

Yes, if you do not do it on a fairly popular flash, then you need to do it on java, the existence of which not everyone knows for sure. Progressbars in javascript to track the transfer of a file … I remember loading music on, like googlechrome from the bottom left in the URLbar showed me what percentage was uploaded to the server … if you read the documentation for browsers, you can find a loophole to this thing for javascript. But in less time, you can do it with an action script.

And in java, from the downloaded mp3, select a discrete frequency map, write an array of sound amplitude values ​​to a .txt file, for example, for every 3rd second. Save this .txt to the server, and ask the player along with the mp3’s and animate the picture fluctuations, focusing on the values ​​of the array from the discrete card.

@Realetive: I didn’t say flash was unpopular. Written, if not in popular flash, then in java.

Answer 2

Comrades, Java exists! (now, I hope, there will be much more “knowledgeable” people).
And about the unpopularity of flash – you tell grandmothers who do not use the browser.

In HTML5, all audio and video tags are fully supported. Their support by your browser is a separate issue. Adiom had a question about creating an audio player, not a client-server-oriented application. I haven’t seen the Ipad work with Java… But with HTML5 it works quite well – I watch videos and videos without any problems. So the new standard, in my opinion, successfully fulfills its task – brevity of tags fights redundancy of solutions.