How to create a one-page website using switch

Files, as you can see, I connected. But how can I switch to one of them? Please describe

Answer 1, authority 100%

Can you at least link $pageto something? I don’t have a switch, I use the rules if:

if(!$_GET) {
  echo '';
}elseif($_GET[page] == vhod) {
  include "/file/vhod_gg.php";
}elseif($_GET[page] == anypage) {
  include "___.php";

Call like this index.php?page=vhod/anypage/etc...

Ah, and also according to an unspoken rule, file/address names are written not in transliteration but in English, do not be lazy to translate names, for example loginand not vhod)))

    case "vhod_gg":
    include "/file/vhod_gg.php"; break; // 
    case "index_gg":
    include "/file/index_gg.php"; break; //  

Answer 2

        case "vhod_gg.php":
        header("Location: file/vhod_gg.php"); break; // 
        case "index_gg.php":
        header("Location: file/index_gg.php"); break; //