How to consolidate knowledge in PHP?

Good day. I am learning PHP. Please tell me how you can improve your knowledge. Thank you.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Write pages using knowledge. Moreover, it is desirable to take examples more complicated than those in books etc: they started learning graphics – set the task of drawing a glowing cube, regular expressions – try to pull out all the variables (including object properties) in a piece of code, encodings – write an automatic conversion function, sockets – write your own sendmail, etc. Thus, exactly what you learn will be deposited almost in motor skills, and at the same time you can run into some non-trivial use.

Answer 2, authority 50%

Theory without practice is dead. Set yourself the task – to implement some full-fledged project. In the course of work, you will not only consolidate the acquired knowledge, but you will certainly learn a lot of new things for yourself.

Answer 3

It is not necessary to write a project from scratch, you can take any ready-made engine, supplementing it with all possible modules, adjust it to the best option. This is a tried and tested method. After half a year of acquaintance with the chat engine, D. Borodin began to write fluently in PHP.

Answer 4

I’ll tell you where I started. I take a php and MySQl textbook (User’s Bible) and based on it I make some fragment. For example – site registration. Authorization, etc. You will get a little stuck right away, but then it will become easier. And just looking at the textbook is of little use. Only if knowledge is applied. it’s not stupid to retype the codes, but to come up with algorithms and implement them yourself – but the textbook is something like a reference book on functions and syntax.