How to configure the apache-php-mysql bundle?

Please help me how to properly configure the apache-php-mysql bundle! I’m just new at this.) I tried to configure it myself, installed apache 2.2 in users / public (I have windows 7) localhost works, then installed php in program files, and now the most interesting:
I can’t connect apache and php! I looked at the sites how this is done, but after that, apache now gives me an error when starting up.

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Personally, my advice is this: if you are a beginner, then it is difficult to understand how to set it up, especially since there are many nuances, and, moreover, without understanding HOW it works, it is even more difficult. Therefore, it is better to really go the other way – you install DENWER or XAMPP, you start working. After some time, when you are already free to write in PHP, you will understand the whole principle of the server part. And just then you yourself will be able, absolutely understanding and understanding what you are doing, to configure Apache from PHP from scratch.

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You can try XAMPP.

Answer 3

Download and install DENWER (gentleman’s web development kit) – all problems will be solved immediately 🙂

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