How to combine sql queries using INNER JOIN?

I looked at the examples and instructions, so I did not understand how to combine queries correctly.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Visual Representation of SQL Joins.

Answer 2, authority 100%

Join example

  FROM table_records AS T1
  INNER JOIN table_categories as T2 ON
  INNER JOIN table_properties as T3 ON

Thus. get a record with ID=1 from table_recordsand a parent element loaded to it from table_categoriesand properties from table_properties.

Answer 3

Requests are not joined via INNER JOIN. INNER JOIN joins tables in queries. To combine requests, it is enough to write them one after another in one script.

Answer 4

if the question is taken literally, then queries are perfectly connected, just like regular tables.
transact-sql example

set nocount on
create table #n1(id int, n varchar(20))
create table #n2(id int, n varchar(20))
insert into #n1 values (1, ' 1')
insert into #n2 values (1, ' 2')
insert into #n2 values (2, ' 2')
select *
    (select id, n from #n1) query1
        (select id, n from #n2) query2 on =
drop table #n1
drop table #n2