How to bind a script to a license?

Hello. How to bind a script to a license? And set up checking it on a remote server. Also interested in the question of how to create an automatic update system.

Answer 1, authority 100%

The script must be encrypted using the Zend Safeguard Suite utility. In this form, no one can cut out your own license check from the script. If this utility is purchased, then it will be possible to make licenses out of it, linking them, for example, to the domain, the number of installed copies or the ip address of the server. Before encryption, you can obfuscate the code, which is even tougher. Of course, someone will say that the dezender will decrypt everything, this is not so, the consequences of the dezender are terrible, the code is unreadable and in 99% of cases it is not working.

The system of automatic updates is a separate huge topic, thank God I have not come across it, so I won’t suggest anything. =)

Answer 2

The script is a plain text file, so direct protection of the script is not very real, the cracker will find the place in the script where the license is checked and delete it. To avoid this, you need to move an essential integral part of the functionality from the script either into compiled code or onto your own server and track the license there. The verification itself is usually done on the basis of activation, which is somehow tied to the act of buying and selling a license.

Answer 3

Colleagues, what do you think about this? Your opinion is interesting. There is scriptand license filethat is generated for the domain. The script works on my domain, but it doesn’t work on another domain without a license. If anyone is interested, you can try to “pick up” the code. Here I give only a piece of code, but the entire script can be download here.

<? eval(gzuncompress(base64_decode('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'))); ?>