First php site

In which program and how to start learning php? That is, I need a push to write the first program in this language.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Well, for starters, you need a server on which your php scripts will work, Denwer will go for these purposes. Scripts can be written even in notepad, but editors such as NotePad++ provide a more convenient interface. And then we read books, visit, etc.

Answer 2, authority 20%

The easiest option is to install Denver or Xampp. Then, for example, ZendStudio or NuSphere PhpED. And go ahead. Notepad is not very pleasant to use for a beginner, but in these programs there is an automatic syntax check and many, many other bells and whistles. To work with databases, I recommend SQL Manager Lite for MySQL: everything is simple and clear in it.
And as always, start with the standard first php program:

echo "Hello world";

Answer 3

Any text editor with code highlighting, such as notepad++, will do the trick. It’s not entirely clear from the question what you know about php (something suggests that you only heard about it and haven’t even read anything yet), as soon as you start familiarizing yourself, I think it will be easier to decide on the editor, because it’s not a text editor and development environment.

In another answer, comrade RooTooZ already left a link , you can start with this and continue without stopping with some book for beginners.

Answer 4

Makromedia DreamViewer, Apache, MySQL.

Answer 5

The easiest option would be.

  1. How to use Denwer as a web server because it has a minimum of settings.
  2. To whom it is more convenient, I personally used and still use the NotePad ++ text editor (NotePad2 is also convenient). Syntax highlighting, etc. Generally very convenient.
    3.Sooner or later, you will have to store the data that your program will use somewhere. Mysql is the best for this. We download the Mysql server from the off site. With the console version of the database management, it is not very convenient to manage. I recommend installing NaviCat, it’s fast and convenient)

Answer 6

I think it will be interesting for you too,

by the end of the day, you will already have a PHP site that you made yourself.

here is this link