Finding factors of a number

Hello. There is a table “slim”, in which 2 columns. The first is code, the second is cx. There is a page that has a $_num variable that is equal to a certain number.

How to check if the number $_num is divisible by all the numbers in the “cx” column without a remainder? It is solved through a cycle, but I can’t figure out how exactly. 8-(

Tell me how to write this.

Answer 1, authority 100%

The algorithm is:

  1. run a loop that iterates over all $cx
  2. values

  3. divide in this loop $_num % $cx
  4. if the result is not equal to 0 at least one result of division, we conclude that the number $_num is not
    divisible without remainder by all the numbers in
    column cx

%in this case returns us the integer remainder of dividing $_num by $cx (i.e. 10 divided by 5 will return 0, and 10 divided by 9 will return 1).

The code is this:

   $q = mysql_query("SELECT `cx` FROM `slim`");
    while ($d = mysql_fetch_assoc ( $q ) )
        extract ( $d );
        $rest = $_num % $d['cx'];
        echo ' ';
        echo '';