Find out how the text is encrypted (Hash available)

Guys, I need help…
The IP is encoded, i.e. “” (No quotes)
You need to find out which algorithm, and there is its hash, i.e. already encrypted. Here he is:
“211f992e9c89202eb4881abb19581e0c” (Also without quotes). Still – it is rather encoded in PHP, or Flash’em.
Help, maybe even for money…

A little bit about my task, it might help… I need to identify a direct link to an mp4 file with a video, the file is displayed on the site through Uppod Flash Player, the path to the file looks like this:

where the encrypted IP address is in place of the bold text. If you follow this link from another IP, then the link to the video will be different, and instead of letting you download the file, it will give you “ups YOUR IP”. That’s all, it seems.

Answer 1, authority 100%

There are a lot of variants of the algorithm for forming this string (one might even say – infinitely many). If you’re lucky, you can of course guess, but there is practically no chance.

As a rule, there is some kind of database in which such identifiers and client parameters are stored (IP, browser ID and any other parameters that the developer will take care of). The identifier can be formed in any way.
Here’s a glimpse of what might be there:

  1. Random string in base16;
  2. Any hash algorithm that can have:
    • IP address
    • Any other connection options
    • Salt
    • Again, any random string
  3. Combination of options for points 1 and 2. That is, several hash algorithms can be called sequentially with different input parameters

In general, if it didn’t work right away, leave this problem.

Answer 2

Looks like MD5. 32 characters in hexadecimal representation. But it was not encrypted directly. Most likely it was previously converted. Direct MD5('')gives 6152a7b1941a7e8e06366100b95015e1. It is impossible to say what PHP or Flash was coded in, the same algorithm returns the same result everywhere.

Answer 3

There are services on the internet to determine which hash function is being used. I used them myself, here on the toaster there is subject, which contains 2 of them:

And so there are a lot of them, you should probably look for the combination ‘hash crack’.