Explorer from browser

Good day. I have a problem of a strange nature: I need to open a Windows explorer window with a given address from the browser.

Where do the “legs” of this task come from? There is a sign with a list of files, obtained via ftp access. And the client does not know about filemanagers and he can download several files one at a time, so the “download folder” button is needed. The solution “download the folder and files – archive – give the archive” is the last resort, it’s easier to open explorer with the line ftp://access .

If this is not possible, there is an option to open ftp://access in a browser tab and write instructions on how to open it through explorer, but this is also not comme il faut. Are there better options?

Thanks in advance.

Answer 1, authority 100%

I didn’t understand a bit, do I need to open ie on the server or client (on the site user’s machine) ? If the first then use functions like this http://php.su/functions/?system , if 2 then it is not possible to do it just like that for obvious security reasons, this is possible only if you find a vulnerability in the user’s browser and use it to open ie 🙂

Answer 2

This is what Google said


In other words

Win + R -> iexplore.exesitename.com