Error logging in

I put the engine on the site :

include ('/core.php');
$page = (isset($_GET['page'])?$_GET['page']:'default';
switch ($page) {
   case ('register'):
        include ('/style/register.php');   
   default :
        include ('/style/main.php');

Here, and when entering the site, it knocks out an error:

Remote server or file not found
Please tell me what is wrong?

Answer 1, authority 100%

1) You are using absolute paths from the root of the file system, which is probably a mistake.

If I’m right, add a dot before the file addresses and it should work.

2) Missing closing bracket:

Instead of: $page = (isset($_GET['page'])?$_GET['page']:'default';
Need: $page = (isset($_GET['page']))?$_GET['page']:'default';

Answer 2, authority 50%

Well, only one thing can come to mind here – the address to the file is not correct. Try an absolute path.

Answer 3

  1. You need the full path to the site files (you can try).
  2. I think this is off topic, but the rights of the “new engine” will allow it to work? Try 777.
  3. Check the existence and content of all other files.