Editors for the programmer

Hello everyone. )

Tell me free programs for coding html, php, javascript. Preferably those that have been updated at least in the last two years (new versions have been released).

Answer 1, authority 100%

Vim is everything. Try it, do not be lazy – and in the future you will say “thank you”

Answer 2, authority 67%


Answer 3, authority 56%

I recommend Netbeans. It has everything you need and even more 🙂

Answer 4, authority 33%

Yes, Notepad++ is a great solution. A lot of Firefox add-on issues will help a lot: Firebug, WebDeveloper

Answer 5, authority 33%

Using NetBeansis handy. Switched to NetBeans from Eclipse PDT. NetBeans is more stable and faster..

Do not use editors like notepad or notepad with code highlighting for programming.. They are only good for small modifications in the script..

Develop in development environments such as NetBeansand Eclipse PDT.

Answer 6, authority 22%

I’m sorry that I recommend a paid one, but the price is more than affordable. I myself do not really like huge coding combines, because to be honest, I don’t really like all this. I love simplicity and convenience, and this is phpDesigner

Answer 7, authority 22%

GNU Emacs. A time-honored classic. It can do everything, including all sorts of new trends (say, CoffeeScript syntax checking right at the time of writing? yes, easy), but for this be able to customize it.

Although, thanks to all sorts of MULE and other TRAMPs, it is somewhat monstrous, which from time to time pushes me to sin and try using vim.

Answer 8, authority 22%

To be honest, the programmer should work in different editors and choose a comfortable “habitat” environment for himself))

Answer 9, authority 22%

windows = notepad++

linux = juffed, geany, gPHPedit


Moved to kate


komodo edit, gedit, notepad++

Answer 10, authority 11%

I highly recommend PhpStorm or NetBeans. Convenient debugging tools, flexible system settings, SVN, etc. Personally, I prefer the first one.

Answer 11, authority 11%

I use SciTE Ruand I advise you, a fully customizable editor. You can configure everything from the tag to the highlight .

And if paid, then phpDesigner or phpStorm.

Answer 12, authority 11%

Aptana Studiohandy.

Try again CodeLobster.

Answer 13, authority 11%

I love PSPad.

Answer 14, authority 11%

On Windows I use EmEditor.

Editor Screen


  • Very fast
  • Able to open huge files (I opened, edited and saved a 20GB file)
  • Plugins
  • JavaScript macros (capable of recording user actions)
  • Vertical guides for code indentation (rarely seen, but here)
  • The ability to custom launch external applications (You can easily attach a C compiler. The compiler’s STDOUT is returned to a separate output block, in which, in turn, the error parser is configured. As a result, clicking on the line with an error in the code.)
  • Convenient search (with individual highlighting of results)
  • Each file is opened in a separate process (useful if one of the processes processes a very large file)
  • File comparison
  • Custom code highlighting (including regular expressions)

All of the above is not a copy-paste from offsite, but an opinion based on experience. I started working with it since the versions 8 years ago.

There is only one drawback, it is paid. It costs about $40, but justifies its price by 100%.

Answer 15, authority 11%

PyCharm & PHPStorm in favor of Sublime Text 2. You might like it too.

Answer 16

Multifunctional, and very handy Dreamweaverfrom Macromedia or Adobe

Answer 17

Use Notepad++, convenient and easy to manage.