Editing csv using web page tools

Good day to all. I found on the Internet how to read csv, I can’t find how to edit information 🙁

How to delete a line in a csv file? Here, for example, the test.csv file, jump to the line with the number $x, bang it. Likewise, how do you erase everything in a line and write $y there? And a bonus question, how do I jump to the $x line, indent it, and add $y to that line?

Hunting without additional libraries, without additional jquery files, preferably without JS, ideally in PHP )

Answer 1, authority 100%

Oh, well, since no one answers…
I would download this file into an array variable and remove the lines from the array. Then I would write it to a file.
If the file is too large – upload to the database with subsequent processing THERE.